“Pass me the napkins, will you?”, Jonathan reaches out his hand without looking up. You stop to watch him: His brows are wrinkled in concentration; he keeps moving the glasses – left, right, then left again; his hand still dangles in the air – waiting for the napkins. You can’t help giggling. “It looks perfect now, doesn’t it?”, he smiles.
A beautiful mix of Blue Fluted Mega and White Elements is carefully placed on the tablecloth they got for their wedding. “Yes, Jonathan. This is the perfect scene for a perfect evening!”

Have it your way

Small personal details and inventive twists can elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary. Express your personal taste through the use of colours, the arrangements of flowers, and the mixing of beautiful porcelain.

Three series
- endless possibilities

This fall you get a chance to make your table setting even more unique with the line of brand new designs in the Blue Fluted Plain, White Fluted and Blue Fluted Mega series. Go for your personal favourite or mix the products in a surprising way. You can explore all product news at the bottom of this site.

Select your favourite table setting
– and win two new products

Get inspired by the collection of beautiful, tasteful, creative and crazy table settings – and vote for your favourite. When you submit your vote and your email, you are in the competition for a Blue Fluted Plain serving plate and a Blue Fluted Plain thermal mug. Read the competition terms & conditions​.


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